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You're supposed to start these things with your name. I'm assuming you already know this and want to know more about me, Besides working in varied industries I touch more on these in the experience section of this page. I have been working in the construction industry for 19 years now from apprentice to go to person for all aspects of construction, specifically the electrical industry. Over the  19 years, I have worked as either a Project manager, electrician or supervisor ensuring project targets and Health and safety requirements are met, I have even attempted being the business owner my passion does not lie there my passion is ensuring companies work in the most efficient way while maintaining productivity and compliance in the industry by creating digital products that simplify the process and encourage engagement not mindless box checking.
Before we move onto the part when I put my life into bullet points and lists you can discover more about my interests and products by exploring this site.


For recreation, I find a healthy balance between physical and mental well-being. I challenge myself with rock climbing, while yoga and mindfulness practices help me center myself. To stay sharp, I enjoy writing, which can take many forms,  and of course I can not forget quality time spent with loved ones, 




For me the reward of helping a company optimise its internal processes was greater than completing a project on the tools, I call this electrical contractor optimisation working in a similar way to a business coach and consultant, the ECO set out to put processes in place to give time back to company owners and employees in the electrical contracting industry allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks, growth opportunities, or simply have a better work-life balance


Developed a custom application to streamline site-specific risk assessments and method statements for the electrical contracting industry. This user-friendly tool tackles the limitations of existing solutions, allowing contractors to:

  • Schedule projects efficiently and ensure all safety measures are considered.
  • Identify and address new risks as the work environment evolves – promoting real-time adaptation.
  • Foster team engagement through a collaborative platform, keeping everyone informed

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March 2024 - present 

Design and project manager and Head of commercial operations. 
Mr Charger limited
  • As the Project Manager, I am responsible for overseeing the design and installation of Tesla Powerwall systems and EVCP infrastructure in various settings. I ensure health and safety compliance, liaise with client IT departments to plan internet connectivity for software rollouts, and work closely with key partners to meet service level agreements and project targets. Additionally, I provide training to new team members on their duties and how to effectively fulfil SLAs by offing in depth  training on fulfilling works in the commercial sector from first enquiry, design, management and installation. 
    My role involves managing projects from conception to completion, ensuring seamless execution and successful outcomes.
May 2021 - 2024
Maintenance Engineer and Head of commercial operations
Mr Charger limited

In addition to Tesla Powerwall design and installation, I handled on-site scheduled and reactive maintenance for various DC and AC EVCP brands, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Furthermore, I specialize in designing and implementing EVCP infrastructure in diverse built environments, catering to specific client needs and requirements, requiring me to work with  client IT departments to scale internet connectivity for the software rollout of Electric Vehicle Charge Point cloud management systems. By liaising with key partners, I ensured that project target were met, guaranteeing smooth operation and client satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

August 2018 - May 2021
Sole Trader
GMH EI, Basingstoke , Hampshire 
  • Established professional and collaborative working relationships with company associates, external partners, and clients to ensure seamless communication and project success. Engaged in in-depth discussions to understand and align with client project objectives, presenting innovative and efficient infrastructure solutions tailored to their specific needs. Proficient in fault finding and troubleshooting data capture systems, production plant control wiring, and Siemens PCS7 integration for seamless system deployment. Specialized in systems integration to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency within commercial and industrial environments.
February 2013- December 2017
I designed and constructed an in-house SQL server, database, and user interface for processing client records in the private healthcare sector to meet CQC compliance standards. This involved providing continuous support for both on-site and remote wireless and wired LAN devices. Through this accomplishment, I engaged with key personnel and business leaders to analyze essential data needed for CQC regulations. Initially presenting a user-friendly interface for approval, I then developed the final SQL database for efficient data entry and retrieval, ensuring seamless compliance and operational efficiency.
January 2013- January 2014 
Transitioning an aviation charity's operations to the cloud involved a meticulous approach. I delved into both physical and virtual servers on-site to strategize the secure migration of sensitive data to cloud servers. Crafting a bespoke Remote Desktop solution for seamless access on Mac and Windows PCs, I leveraged my expertise in Active Directory, SQL servers, TCP/IP, Subnetting, DNS, DHCP, and command prompt commands to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.
Currently learning 
  • Specialisation in Management consulting

  • Appsheet Administration 



  • NVQ level 3 Electrical installation 
  • Level 3 award in inspecting and testing 
  • Level 3 Electrical vehicle Charging equipment 
  • Level 3 Battery stradge equipment 
  • BS7671 2018 wiring regulations
  • Start ups, proven track record of putting systems and processes in place for well structured efficient business model. 

  • Build and maintain scalable Relational and Hierarchical database models for server and end point deployment. 

  • Network design and implantation. Ability to design enterprise level voice and data network infrastructure. 

  • IT Support, ability to diagnosis and rectify consumer and business level software, hardware and networks issues. 

  • Cloud telephony and computing, proficient in the cloud and hybrid computing implementation and migrations 

  • Health and safety compliance in the construction industry 

  • Proficient in Google and office 365 productivity suits

  • Problem solving a proven track record in identifying problem and taking relevant action to rectify/ remove issues im yet to find an area i cant apply this too please put me to the test. 

  • Project management this applies to construction, infrastructure and systems design. 
Here is a segment from my legacy CV given that this site is a true representation of me both personal and professionally my true CV, I thought it best to include the bit where you big your self up.
Focused professional with experience in customer onsite and remote support, design, project management, installation and maintenance of electrical and EVCP infrastructure in commercial and industrial environments.
Frequently praised as efficient by peers, I can be relied upon to be dedicated with excellent communication and time management skills.
Dedicated professional with proven performance in management, leadership and communication. Detail-oriented in problem-solving and planning.

On a mission to simplify life, work and the road in between all from the comfort of my digital home.

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