GsourceRisk Creating a positive safety culture

Your Complete Construction Safety Package

Your partner in achieving zero accidents

Here's a glimpse into what GsourceRisk can offer you:

Meeting compliance for health and safety management

Documents for every part of the construction process

Updates to keep you HSE compliant



Business support with EC optimiser

Choose your price plan.

GsourceRisk Single user

£24.99 Access for a single user


  • Method Statements

  • Risk assessments

  • Point of work Risk assessments

  • HSE documentation

  • Create R/Ms on desktop and mobile

  • Regular updates

Multiple users

£24.99 Additional users £14.99


  • Access to single user features

  • Improved safety auditing

  • Instant access to documents across the company

  • Allow field workers to view past documents by site location

  • Domain level security

  • ** Coming soon in app Tool box talks

Promoting a positive safety culture in the construction industry. 

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