Why I try to automate a part of my life every day

Automation planning.

As the title of my blog states it's impossible to do nothing, we are all ways involved in personal or work related matters, to me some of these activities are meaningless, now don't get me wrong when I say this the meaningless tasks are mainly the work related ones.

if you have a specific position in a company you will find most of the administrative work is repetitive and most of the general questions are the same.

Now I get excited about new projects, onboarding new clients or creating new features for my SaaS products, but spending hours on repetitive work is time best spent engaging with my family, mainly Stevie, my partner, my son Carter and two girls Tulip and ruby, If that's not possible getting on with important work

As you read this you could be getting a sense that I'm a little lazy. This is not the case. I just believe that if we spend our time tending to repetitive tasks we are not giving enough time to what truly matters to us, our family or our clients. 

Has this made you consider adding some automation to your life?

George Hancock

Life's complicated and im trying to simplify it for my self and then others,


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